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The Support is one of the fourteen playable roles featured in Hell Let Loose. How to play well: A good Support player moves with his unit, coordinates with. Welcome to Role Guide #7! This week we're looking at a role that enables your team's dream strategies to become a reality – the Support. As a Support, you are the fuel that feeds your team's strategy. Working closely with your Officer, Engineer and Anti-tank roles, you will provide them with. Hell Let Loose is a platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooting game for PC set during the Second World War. You can't expect to win in Hell Let Loose with an army running low on supplies. This guide tells you how to use the support role, trucks. As Support class, your loadout is almost identical to that of the basic Rifleman except for one key difference: instead of a deployable ammo. Posted by jersey “Please add GFE support for Hell Let Loose: Instant Replay, Optimize, e”. If squad leader needs supplies, play support and put down some supplies. You don't need to stick to one role. Set your allied nameplate and. We have been so overwhelmed with people wanting to support Hell Let Loose, we are offering one more chance. Open till the end of the month. technical support: [email protected] PRESS KIT: DOWNLOAD. media&business: [email protected] · Privacy policy / EULA.

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